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We can now reveal the huge amount raised by our Caring Corporates

It’s little-known that 1 in 7 employees is also a carer for a family member or friend. The chances are that most working carers just ‘get on with it’. The challenge comes when a caring role becomes excessive or overwhelming. This is the time when a valuable member of staff may take sick leave or even leave the company they work for.

This where Blackpool Carers’ Caring Corporate Programme can help.

Becoming a Caring Corporate with Blackpool Carers will help you to identify carers, support them to access appropriate support at the right time and improve staff retention, recruitment and wellbeing.

Caring can have a lasting and powerful impact on so many aspects of life. It is both rewarding and demanding, and support from employers who work with Blackpool Carers means that carers can continue to be valued and committed employees whilst also continuing to care.

Continuing to work, is vital to many carers. It gives them a sense of routine and identity, increasing their self esteem and reducing isolation.

Many local business have become Caring Corporates and we are absolutely thrilled to announce that last year, they raised a staggering £60,000 plus, to help to make a better life for carers in our community. We would like to say thank you so much for all your support and we look forward to working with you again this year…you are all amazing!

Our Caring Corporates are:

The photos below show some of our wonderful Caring Corporates with their generous donation cheques.

CLICK HERE to download our Caring Corporate Information leaflet and find out more about working in partnership with Blackpool Carers and benefits for you and your employees.

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